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Picc Babies Move.

A Kent Police Officer shows a PICC baby to his children.

A Kent Firemen carries one of the babies to the new home.

Employees, Volunteers and their families cheer on the move.

A Firemen passes a baby to Congressman Reichert to take into what will be the babies new home for a short while.

JoAnn Knack and Carri Berg at the Annual Lake Chalen Red Hat Society get together. A three day event every year.

A night out for the Curvasous Red Hats of Renton.

JoAnn Knack of the Curvasous Red Hats of Renton

2006 New City Dance Recital. One of the Ballerina's

2006 New City Dance Recital. Two young and up coming Ballerina's

The Brandt Family Reunion 2006

Marjorie Brandt Haag and her children, Mike Brandt, Jim Brandt, and Kathy Tugwell. Second generation.

Grandma Brandt Haag and the third generation her grandchildren.

Grandma Brandt Haag and the 4th generation, her Great Grandchildren

Gage's 1st Birthday

Gage with her birthday hat on and her cake.

Gage eating her cake

Princes Gage

The birthday Princes

Jake and His Birthday balloons

Jacob's First Birthday Party

Jake, Mom and Dad

Line Dancing

The Curvasious Red Hats of Renton's outing to The Rocking Horse Dance Hall in Renton.