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Kathy's Photo Impressions



                                   My name is Kathy Tugwell and I am the photographer for Kathy's Photo Impressions. I have no Formal Training as a photographer but I do not think that going to a big school of photography makes you a good photographer. It helps of course but I think you have to have an eye for photography or you are just taking pictures. I have had a camera of some kind ever since I was about 10 years old. My first one was an Kodak Instamatic 100, those of us that have been around awhile no what kind of camera that was. That is how I got started and I haven't stopped.

                            I love to be outdoors on my horse or walking with my dogs, so I always have my camera with me weather it is my Nikon or my small Cannon. I and my husband Jim take a lot of still life, equestrian, and family photo's outside. We do not have a studio our studio is the outdoors. We also photograph Weddings inside or out.

                            I have an on going relationship with the people I photograph. I do not advertise so you never see an ad for me. I get clients through word of mouth which seems to keep me going. I think my pricing is fair in fact people have told me I don't charge enough, I do it because I love it not because I want to make a buck.

                            Thank you for visiting my website, hope you enjoy the photos.

                            Please contact me if you need any questions answered.

                            Kathy Tugwell